Ditch The Jar. Use The Bar.

You've never had sauce this fresh and delicious at home unless your Grandma was born in Italy. Made fresh by From The Boot Italian restaurant in Ambler, PA following their own old-world recipes that make their sauce so amazing, Legalized Marinara Frozen Sauce Bars come in two flavors (Vodka Sauce and Marinara). They're so simple to use they're the perfect recipe starter, and a great new addition to the home chef's toolkit. Legalized Marinara Sauce Bars are fresh made and quick frozen, with simple ingredients and zero preservatives. Try them once, and you'll understand why we say, "Ditch the jar. Use the bar!"

Ditch the jar. Use the bar.

Available in Marinara and Vodka Sauce, From The Boot Sauce Bars are an easy-to-prepare shortcut to restaurant-quality sauces at home. They’re made in our restaurant kitchen using our own recipes with real ingredients and no preservatives, and then quick frozen to preserve freshness. The unique sauce bar shape makes them super easy to portion out and use, and a cinch to store in the freezer until you’re ready to make a meal everyone at your table will get excited about. If you love great sauce, ditch the jar! Legalized Marinara Frozen Sauce Bars are available for purchase at From The Boot restaurant in Ambler, PA and at several local markets including Weaver's Way Coop and Lafayette Hill Market. Don't see them in your favorite store? Ask the store manager to contact us for info!

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